Sunday, 18 September 2016

Marina Barrage

Marina Barrage

Back at it again with the team mates

It has been about a few months since we got together to chill and catch up. We all have gone our separate ways because of Tietary education, well except Fitri and Dian because they are still in the same school as I am but the rest. We finally have full squad together 12/12.

We have planned this outing for about a few weeks and decided to celebrate Ho Ning and Claire 's birthday. We all brought food and drinks to chill with. It was a great place because the view was amazing. We met at about 4 in the evening and spent about a good 4 hours, eating, taking pictures and just catching up since we all have our own directions in life. Just makes me miss the times in boarding where we spend talking till 4 am and just having meals together. This moments spend together just makes me appreciate every time we get to hangout.

We were blessed with great weather and definitely the company was the best. I did up a vlog on this day, I mean who couldn't HHAHA (guilty). So here are pictures from the outing.




“Forever friends are a treasure chest of understanding and compassion. Cherish them.”
Amy Leigh Mercree

The vlog. Enjoy :)

Hello There !

Hello there my friends, its been a long time since I have written. And by a long time i mean really long time. I apologise for that because I needed to settle down. With holidays kicking in, no school for 6 months and deciding for my future school can be really stressful. I took the time off from writing on my blog because i knew that if i was to write something, it will not be a great one. That is why i went missing for about  a year  because i had other things to settle in my life. So now, i have settled a few stuff which includes my further education, I am back to writing!  

1. School 

If you have been following my blog since day 1 or even before this post, you would know i was taking my O Levels in 2015. I have gotten my results in January and have decided on what i want to do for my tertiary education. I started school in April.. I know its been months and I have finally finished my first semester.  As i was away, i have came up with some ideas that i could write on and also, i have an interesting idea that will involve you guys reading! YES, YOU! (but hold your horses) this can only happen when i think i am absolutely ready for it. 

For my tertiary education I would be doing a course on Mass Communication. It was tough at first for me to get into this course but with an interview that I consider went 'okay', I finally got it. I believe it also has got to do with my parents and friends praying for me - that i am exceptionally grateful. For those, whom are wondering what Mass Communication is about, well, it has a future pathway job of being a journalist or something to do with the media. I have always wanted a career that involves the media so it was the best course for me to be able to achieve that.

2. 2016 

Okay, 2016, I going to end soon, I mean its just 4 more months till it is gone - bye bye bye. Well, it has definitely been tough because of the change of environment, from boarding school to a local school. At first, it was tough to adapt because of the amount of people I was surround with. I am so used to having such small classes and small community. Now, everything has changed, where I am surrounded by people every single minute of the day. I am not complaining because it has definitely help me out in making new friends :) . Classes in school has been manageable and with the first semester done, I somehow will have an idea of what to expect now. I'm entering my second semester next month and I'm hoping for the best.

Suicide Squag ( there is suppose to be a g)

Well other than school, of course my sports. Netball and Cricket. Being in a new school, means having a new interest group. Of course for me, I would be joing the netball team. Now I have been training for the competition. As for training in a new environment, new coach, new team mates and new everything. Adapting for netball trainings and stuff was not that tough.

Cricket has been pretty good for me at the beginning of the year before I started school. I trained everyday with a goal in mind and I could say that I somehow achieved it. Then when school started, that's when it was tough to manage it. I could no longer have my personal training. I now could only go to my weekend trainings with the team. I lost my focus in cricket for now. I really need to get back to it.  Well, probably that's for me to go and figure out... HAHHA okay next up

3. My YouTube Channel

My next part is more of what I have been focusing on while I was in school for my first semester. I have this module - Single Camera Production. It is where I learnt about, production, filming, lighting and editing. This somehow helps us to have a foundation on video recording and editing. I  have been playing around with it and surprisingly I enjoyed it. I use to hate everything in that module because I felt that it was so complicated but soon with practice, I enjoyed it and started doing my own videos.

The videos I have done well, aren't really that professional like those youtubers, but I hope one day. Soon when I actually have the resources. HAHHA.

So this is my channel, go like, subscribe and yea! :)


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