Saturday, 15 November 2014


Okay so today I am going to talk about hate. Popular thing but it is needed. I have receive hates since god knows when but tonight was some hate that needs to be said. Hates about my blog, me, my FRIENDS AND TEAM MATES. If you follow me on twitter you can see it at my 

To me, all haters are jealous and are cowards. One thing that I don't like about haters is touching the subject on my friends and team mates. I don't like it when haters talk trash about them because all of them is not true. You can hate on me but not my friends and team mates. Do you know why? Because without them I would not be this strong. I would not be able to handle the hate. If they go down, i go down with them but deeper. They make me so strong along with my family. I need them. So DON'T HATE ON THEM BECAUSE I LOVE THEM AND I NEED THEM. 

Second thing is, hating on this particular blog. My blog. People saying I want to be like my fellow friends blogger. ( they are great btw) people compare me with other blogs. Yes I am a beginner but I have dreams and I will work towards it myself. I do dream to be somewhere someday like everybody else. I have my reasons on why I do this blog, is stated but there are just some reasons that I like to keep personally for myself. I'll be where I want to be with hardwork of myself and support from family and friends. It's my life, the decisions I make are in my hands, i choose the path I want to head, what I do, how I do it are all in my hands. I decide. My blog, I wish how it ought to be. The blog reflects on who I am and I'm happy with it. So that's clear. 

If you hate the blog, don't read it. Act as if it doesn't exist. It makes you happy and  I'll be at ease. It's a win win situation right? We're all be happy. ;) 

Okay hating on me. It will only make me stronger. Keep doing it, makes me even stronger than before. Haters is a definition of jealous, coward, cold hearted people. Such cold people. What makes you think you are better than anybody else? If you are, then only advice be humble. You think hates are like "advice" that's just pure evil. You give "advice" to the extend of hating? I don't think it's advice. Please note the difference. Put yourself at that person shoe, how would you feel? So much of it will hurt no matter how strong you are. It can bring really really bad consequences. It's just so cold to do that. If you're not happy with a particular person, state it in front of that person. Don't go around being an anonymous and hating. That clearly states that the person you're hating is so much stronger then you are. Stop having all negativity in you and try to stop hating because it hurts really. No matter how short that hate is, it will hurt no matter what. 

So try to stop hating. It makes the world a better place and such a bright place. It will make you and me happy! :) if you hate on me, just hate on me but NOT MY FRIENDS AND TEAM MATES. THEY ARE HARD LIMITS TO ME. but remember, hating on me will only make me stronger. So people who has been hated before, stay happy and strong. You need to show that it does not effect you and move on be happy :) 
Goodnight :) 

Here's a quote! 
"You know your testimony is strong when your roots are so deep that other people’s storms will never knock you over."

Shannon L. Alder