Monday, 17 November 2014


Hello there friends! Hope you have a great day today? Because I know I had a great day today because ONE DIRECTION RELEASED THEIR ALBUM TODAYYYYYY! It's their fourth album and I'm so so proud of them! I remember I went ballistic when I heard they are going to do a fourth album when I was still recovering from their 3rd album, Midnight Memories. I'm also proud of them because THE ALBUM IS NO.1 IN 92 COUNTRIES ON ITUNES HOW AMAZING IS THAT! And it only released today(17.11.14). It's amazeballs! I woke up in the morning and went straight to spotify to listen to the whole album. You know how great it is to wake up to hearing thier melodic voices. The album is called, "FOUR" 

Okay about the album! The album is called "FOUR" it is released on the 17 November 2014. It has 16 soundtracks. There are a couple of people that work with them on the album. People like, Ed Sheeran, The 1975, Jamie Scott ( which helped them with Story of my life). All the boys wrote a few songs in the album together or individually. Liam Payne actually said that " it's going to be more edgier than the other album before" I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THAT. Actually with the one before which is "Midnight Memories" it was like an album that shows to the people out there that they have grown up and become successful young men. It's such an amazing album I have to say. The songs are just wow! Here's the tracklist! 
My favourites are 
- Fireproof 
- Ready to run
- Where do broken hearts go 
- Fools Gold 
- Stockholm Syndrome 
- Act my age 
BUT ALL THEIR TRACKS ARE AWESOME! I feel that the tracks grew up with them... If you know what I mean HAHAH! Okay so if you're interested, the album is on spotify and get the album! See ya all in the next post! xx 
P.s that's their photo shoot for the album! :)