Thursday, 13 November 2014


Topic: Insecurity

Hello there friends!

I’m here to talk about a topic that people are facing regularly or are happening in our generation. It is a big topic to talk about and everyone faces it. No matter gender or age. That is insecurity. I know it is a common thing that people are facing right now including me. It is a topic that is very vague. It is very wide. Its meaning can mean differently to different people. It can also hurt you if you don’t accept it or even face it. I know this is a big step to my blog. Its only the 2nd post and I am already discussing about something really big but i hope this will help people or let people know. J
It’s meaning can mean differently to different people. Being insecure can mean different things. Being insecure about how you look, and being insecure about your position, insecure about friends, relationships. Insecurity is a feeling that everyone face. Anyone. No matter the gender. Stereotype always thinks that insecurity only happen with girls in general but NO. It is a feeling that even guys can go through with. I am really talking about people in general. Everybody would go through insecurity at any point of their life. Even celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Logan Lerman, Anna Kendrick, Cameron Dallas, and Jennifer Lawrence. They all have the insecurity feeling in them even though they don’t show it.
Being insecure about how you feel is something that EVERYONE goes through. To be honest I feel very insecure about myself. I never take compliments positively. When somebody compliments me, at the back of my mind, I always think that this person must be joking or blind. I never take compliment seriously because I never believe that I am beautiful. I have built my walls so high up that I never believed people who say good things about me. It just seems like I cannot accept it. This is all due to insecurity. My biggest insecurity is my facial appearance. I never liked my face when pimples started to come out. I mean who does. I am so jealous of girls who do not have acne. I have acne everywhere. That was why I never accepted compliments about how I look. I never have confident of how I look. I try my best to do everything but it just doesn’t work and although I put up a strong front, it hurts inside when people talk about the acne on my face. Like bitch I know, its my face HAHAHA okay back here.
Everyone has their FLAW ,it is just about your confidence. But growing up and knowing more about the world, people and society, I have learnt how to deal with my insecurity slowly. It is ok to feel insecure but not too much because they really can harm you. If you face the same problem as me probably this will be an advice that you can probably take in. I have dealt with my insecurity by loving yourself. You need to love yourself to have the confidence to be able to deal with the insecurity you are facing. You need the confidence to overcome the feeling of being insecure. Confidence makes you feel really good. It does take time. Smiling to yourself in the morning and saying that I feel good and I am ready to face any challenges that is coming helps you eventually from feeling insecure. That’s how I overcome my insecurity J you need to block out the haters because everyone has their flaw. Nobody is perfect. Be confident and believe in yourself!
Insecure about your relationship is another insecurity that people go through especially, teenagers. Relationships like what? Girlfriends, boyfriends, best friends, any relation that you treasure. First thing you need in any relationship is, trust. Trust plays a really big role in any relationship. Relationship goes by with trust, and you need to trust the person and also yourself. I never really had the best relationship before but I guess trust is da topppp of all the things needed in a relationship 

So note to yourself, You NEED TO LOVE Yourself BEFORE You CAN FEEL THAT You ARE BEING LOVEDDDDD! I’ll see you allsssszzzz in the next post!