Sunday, 21 December 2014


Hello there friends! Okay so basically today's post is about a couple of things. i know i have not been writing in regularly and the last post was about One Direction! Some say i might have died from the album release but no i'm still alive guys HAHA! But i am going to clarify some things here.... so keep reading guys because i am not done :)


Firstly, i want to apologize for the lack of post and stuff in the recent weeks. It has been busy for a couple of weeks or so because preparation for a competition, school, family. I really apologize for that and also when i wanted to write in for a post, my laptop broke down and i could not find a charger so it took me about 2 weeks to get that sorted and stuff but i'm glad it is sorted and now i'm writing to you guys. :) What is going to happen now? well everything is going to be as per normal now. I will regularly write in and you guys can see it ;) SO I'M BACKKKKK! :) 


School ended on the 8 last month but i only started my holidays on the 10th due to a competition in Malaysia with 10 others from my school.
The team in Malaysia. BJSS 2014

So after 10th which was a Monday i had active recovery that whole week so i only go back to training the next week. I did not want to write in because i was mentally and physically exhausted, so i guess the rest was a solid one for me. Then after that solid week of rest, that's when hell started, and i meant real hell. Training was everyday, it was a no mercy training, fitness here and there and guess what i was burnt out by the end of the day. I was just wishing a day of training where it was just a relaxed one but none of them were. Into 2 weeks of training and the major competition started. International Youth Sports Challenge 2014. Its a competition held yearly by my school where teams come from South Africa, New Zealand and Australia.It was a competition that i look forward for and it was a great one for me. It was my first and last but it was great. Definately loads of up and downs but it was a memorable one ;)

This was the lunch reception with the beautiful ladies xx
 AND THEN FINALLY I HAVE A THREE WEEKS BREAK FROM EVERYTHING THAT HAS TO DO WITH NETBALL! Finally! Its really rare to have that for us because we usually just train throughout the whole holiday. So yeah it has been busy but a rest is just what i needed after a whole lot of training and games. So what have i been doing for the last 2 weeks of rest till today. So during that period was when i found out about my laptop which happen to be the saddest news because i really wanted to write in to you guys. I have been busy with the FESTIVE SEASON!!!! I was busy getting gift and stuff for the new house and yeah time just went in a blink of an eye without even noticing. Now i am left with about 1 week of holidays and i am going to make full good use of that, and also i need to go and run. HAHAH i have not been running for the past 2 weeks because i just kept procrastinating (usual me)... :)


CHRISTMAS IS NEARING AND I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Probably this year is the year that i have been so so excited and just so pumped HAHA! Even though i don't really celebrate Christmas, it makes me feel so festive especially this year! I have been so busy getting gifts for the family, my teammates and friends. The sales are just so crazy! I've gotten so crazy when i went to town last week with my friends because there was just so much sale going on. But i'm glad that i actually wrote a list of gift i need to buy for the respective person if not i'm just going to spend all my money and leave none for school! I HOPE I AM NOT THE ONLY ONE!.... hahahha ;)

I hope i have clarify things and explain what has happened. Now everything is going back to normal and i'll see you guys soon in the next post! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAVE A JOLLY WEEK AHEAD!!! SEE YA! 

Laters my friends, 
shoutout2life :)

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