Saturday, 3 October 2015



Hello there my friends! I know i have not been posting for months and i truly apologize for that. As some of you may know i am really busy with national exams and if you guys that are reading my post for the first time, i am taking my O'levels this year! I have been busy with revision, classes and just concentrating so much on school that i did not have the time to post anything. With all the studying and school, I HAVE FINALLY GRADUATED FROM SECONDARY SCHOOL!!!! For those reading for the first time, i go to boarding school in Singapore. It has been 4 years since i was enrolled into that school. 4 years has finally passed by and i have graduated. 

Class of 2015 
It was a night to remember. Everybody looked really good with the school blazer and white outfits. Guys lookin' so sleek and girls lookin' neat & pretty. To me, it was a great start for new friendships and new adventures. The valedictorian speech was great because it brought back all the memories ever since i was in the school. I am almost done with my 2nd phase of education and can't wait for the next phase. All the friendship that i have made will always be remembered and it will last because they were the best friendship i had. 

I have 3 pillars of strength throughout these 4 years - My parents, my friends (especially my team mates), and my juniors. I am happy to be able to graduate but i will be graduating with a heavy heart because there are some things i cannot let go easily. Firstly is, the boarding school. Boarding has been so much fun for the past 4 years with countless sleepovers, staying up till the early morning, pranking, the games we have among each other and just the times when we chill and just talk. I'll definitely miss that. Secondly is the teachers, the teachers in my school are by most the most caring and thoughtful teachers i have ever gotten in my entire life. They are always there for me (ESPECIALLY MY MENTOR) when i needed them, they always give their best to make sure we do well in examinations although we disappoint them countless times. They were like our gas, you know you'll always need the gas before the lighter can even light up, then using the lighter to light up the candle?.. (my metaphor skills sucks) but you kinda of get the idea, i hope hahah.  

Lastly is, my friends. I could say i have made a few great friends along the years. I think my social skill of making friends is so bad because of the environment i have been for the past 4 years but i guess thats the point of graduating right? Making new friends but the friends i have in my secondary school are the ones that i will treasure forever. My team mates are like my sister to me. I practically live with them and do everything with them. They know me inside and out so i can't let them go easily... MUAHAHAHAH. But if i had the choice of letting them go, i would not. Most of my memories are with them and i will continue making more memories with them (*grins evilly*) I love them endlessly. To my other friends, we have made it and i will treasure every moment with you guys. 
So here are some photos from the night itself - p.s thanks to the school for everything, like legitimately everything. Goodbye to my second home xx 

Shane Tan @shanethepow_

Excuse my face.....

Nazhiim @naajeemm

His jokes can make you laugh till you ache

This is a selfie with my one and only Tiger Teo, he is my mathematics teacher. 

The fantastic five (finally graduating) 

@airontank @dianruzanah @Marblemabelho @kunashraf


Danish Irfan, his tenacity is on point 

Joel Ho @airJOEL

Lovely junior, Nafisa- goodluck with another year in school

The one and only, Model Chin
My chemistry partner @natcharliechin

Haqim, classmate till Secondary 3, where at Sec 4 he decided to ditch us
Lovely, C a.k.a my partner in crime
Love you Cheryl xx


A decent picture of me with the empty scroll. Mine went missing after throwing it up in the air
Badluck Shaf 
After Grad Badass Shaf

The ladies from my mother tongue class 

My beloved feotus

Le Ladies a.k.a My Sisters for life 

So where am i heading after graduation? Well my examinations officially starts only on the 6 October and i have it for a month, FULL SWING!!! Definitely i won't be able to post during that period of time but i promise you guys after that, i'll have the whole time in the entire world to post anything you guys request or what i have in mind. I just wanted to post this because i felt i want to share this moment with you guys because you mean so much to me!

With that, if you guys have any question or request don't be shy and ask at any of my social media down below at the links and i'll be more than happy to reply you guys! Wish me luck for the exams, Love you guys! Goodbye!

With love,


Friday, 26 June 2015

Old Movie Series: PART 2

IT   IS  PART  2 !!

Selamat! (hello in Malay) I have finished my mid-years, finally! For 2 days i don't have to worry about last minute studying or revisions! (pathetic- 2 days i know). In the midst of revision and exams in the morning, i managed to give myself about an hour or 2 to relax. Watching rom com movies is what relax is for me. Second movie i have watched is, "10 THINGS I HATE ABOUT YOU" 

This movie is amazing. It teaches you to do want you want and not what other people expect you to do. Julie Stiles is pretty and the late Heath Ledger is a hottie. This guy is my new man crush. His smile makes me melt internally. If you guys are not familiar with him, he acted as the joker ;).  The songs in this movie is different but i like it. 90s songs just give you that groovey vibe. If you know what i mean hehe. I don't know how else to describe this movie because it is perfect. THIS IS ANOTHER MUST WATCH. For those who have yet to watch it, go watch it. I will not spoil it for you but here are some gifs from the movie! :) 

Gifs from : laadystoneheart

So this is part 2! Part 3 out soon! Comment or drop me a tweet about what movie i should write about! Sorry this was a short entry :( but see ya best friends in the next part! Adios Amigos!


Thursday, 18 June 2015


Movies from the 80s-2000s 

Bok (hi in croatian) my fellow best friends! It is the June holidays now in Singapore or you could call it summer break. Since my examinations is held on the last week of the holidays (heartbreaking right?!) i have spend my time going for classes and also studying at home. Of course some days when i am free i hit the gym with my peeps so that i don't get unfit. To get my mind off from exam stress, i like to watch movies. This mostly happen at night when i am actually done with the day. Btw, if you are going through with some exam stress, you could take a look at my last blog post about handling them. 

This was an idea that strike me while i was studying for math. Random, i know. I am going to do An Old Movie Series, where i will share with you movies from the 80s- early 2000s. It is going to be in parts, one movie is 1 part and it may go up to 4-5 parts depending on how many movies i can actually watch during the holidays. So this is Part 1 - Clueless ... 


First movie I watched was Clueless. This was a 1995 movie and i have to say, it is a really good film to watch. Not only was the cast beautiful and amazingly handsome, the fashion in the 90s was something i liked in this film. Checkered jacket, high socks, stockings, satin mini dresses and plaid skirts, its just amazing. It was so vibrant and you could literally see a mixed style in this film. 
Plaid Jacket and Skirts 

Knee high Socks and Boots. Peterpan Collared Shirts 
The story was also really good. I have learnt some things from this movie. It thought me to help anybody no matter who you are. If they are in need, help them because you never know when you need their help. It also thought me about, you don't always have to put other before yourself. Sometimes in situations you have to put yourself first then others. What teenagers have in the 90s was courage. Compared to us now, they have a whole lot of courage. Openly flirting with anybody and just showing affection with anybody was easy in the past. Even i myself have a hard time having to express my feelings to the opposite sex. How we could just relive those moments again :) 

I just love the outfit here 
This is a must watch film! IT IS A "MUST WATCH" FILM. Godbless everybody that was involved in the film. So this Part 1 of old movie series that i am sharing with you! Watch out for Part 2 which is a 2005 movie! Any guesses? Comment on this post and we'll see what Part 2 is! If you have any suggestions about what movie from this era I should definitely watch, don't be a stranger and just comment on this post or even mention me in my social media!  Zbogum (goodbye in Croatian) best friends! ;) 



Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to Handle Stress Before Examination!!!


Well what is stress? Well according to google (which i trust hehe) , a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Everybody goes through stress, no matter the age, well maybe not when you're really young. I have gone through pretty much a handful stressful times and moment. I am still 16 so i don't know what could get worse than examination stress. YES STUDENTS YOU FEEL ME?! 

Well i have some tips that might work when you stressed out from studying before an examination or test! :) This may not work for everybody but you should give it a try! So here are some tips on how you can handle them! 

Tip  1 :  


The snacks that i always like to have while studying would be nuts. They are amazingly nice and they are somehow like my go to snack. You can have different type of nuts together or get our favorite ones! If you are getting the nuts at the nearest supermarket, i advise you to get the nuts that does not contain a lot of ingredient in it. Like have the nuts naturally. You might not want to be staining your notes or work because of the ingredients in the nuts. My favorite nuts are sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and also pistachios. 

Second Snack :  Gummies

 Gummies are my favorite type of candy and they have always help me cope with exam stress. Weird i know, but it helps me. So get your gummies and you can be stress-free! You can get any type of gummies my favourite is  :
THEY ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM FOREVER! You can get them in your local supermarket :)

Tip 2 : 

Listen to songs

Listening to songs has helped me with exam stress. I do not listen to them while doing my work because i tend to drift away from work. So i listen to them before doing my work as they help me to relax and focus before doing my work. I advice to listen to chill songs rather than upbeat songs. Here are some songs i listen to ;) 

Tip 3: 


Organization is very important while revising for examinations. You will have many subjects in hand so plan on what subjects to do on that day, how long you want to spend on that subject, specifically on the subject - what topics you want to concentrate on. Trust me this will make your revising more productive. If you have a different way of studying and you are scoring pretty well by means go ahead. From past experiences, i scored better when i plan on what to do than not knowing what to study on that day. This is just for me and i'm sharing it for those who are in need or wants to change their way of studying! :) ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING RATHER THAN NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY STUDYING. 

Hope this actually could help some of you! I know i said my next post was going to be about the books i read on wattpad but before i could talk about the books, i wanted to ask the authors if its okay for me to talk about their books in my blog. That is a bit of extra work but i'll do anything for you guys so i apologise if it takes a bit longer than expected but not to worry IT WILL DEFINITELY BE UP ANYTIME SOON!!

If you have questions or anything i could help with feel free to drop me an email (  or my social media which is on the other post!Anyways i'll see you guys in the next post! ADIOS AMIGOS 


Sunday, 17 May 2015

April-May Updates!

Literally i got lost HAHAHA!

What's up !!!!

Bonjour my friends!! Okay i am so sorry for not posting for a month, i apologize. I have been really busy with school because as some of you who know, i am taking my O'levels this year. It is a major examination taken nation wide and i am in the midst of preparation. I have my first paper in June and this last till November. Yes its long but its all scattered between the months. So i seek understanding if i can't post regularly but i will try my best :) The photo the top somehow explains also why i have been missing. 

Trying to figure out what is going on....

Between the month of April and May, a lot has happened and i was figuring out some things. Things like what are my plans for my future, have i hang out with the right friends or even am i doing what is best for me or what is the easiest for me. I feel that when you are planning on what you want for your future, you need to make wise decision and loads of sacrifices. 

So i have finally figure out what i want in the future with the help of some teachers in school and of course my friends. No doubt there would be changes in between the months but at least i have a plan. So advice for those of you who are facing similar problems as i am- plan. Planning helps you in different ways. Plans help you to see whats ahead clearer, and it shortens the time of chaos. It gives you a run down of what you want to achieve. Also seek help from teachers, friends or family. You would have so much ease after planning :) So here are some run downs of what happen between April and May! 

#squareturns16 celebration 

On April 4th, Team mates and a friend have planned a birthday celebration for Khalisah (a.k.a thescribblesofjoy). It was her 16th birthday and we are all happy that it was a success. We celebrated her birthday at a hotel  - Llyod's Inn along Oxley Road. It was a relaxing day and the hotel is really nice. So here are some pictures from the celebration 


Lunch with Mabel, Cheryl and Nadiah
With Claire
Relaxing by the pool
With Mabel
Cheryl's outfit
Llyod's Inn dipping pool 
Team mates in white shirt and red lips 
Khalisah and yes we do have a matching outfit! IT WAS NOT PLANNED! #squareturns16
The gifts 
The gifts with very bad lightning - we were waiting for khalisah HAHAHAHAH
OOTN : Top: H&M Loose Tank top
Bottom: Cotton On
Shoes: Rubi
Bag: Rubi 
Manishaa enjoying freedom HAHAH, i still love you babe x
Portrait view of the dipping pool  
Me and Nadiah in white shirt,denim jeans and heels 
 Those are pictures from the celebration. It was a great one and i hope Khalisah did enjoy the celebration. Thanks to Saifullah, Amirul, Khalisah's parents and of course the team mates this celebration was a success! :)

What  is  going  to  happen  next.....! ITS JUNEEEEEE !!!!


So june is coming and it is also my birthday! Yes i am a june baby :) ANYONE ELSE IS A JUNE BABY? So before i turn 16, there are some resolution i want to work on when i enter 16. You might be thinking why the hell am i doing a resolution on my birthday and not when entering to a new year. Well i actually did a few resolution on new years but i think it would be better to make one when its nearing my birthday.


- Plan specifically monthly 
- Post on this blog, once a week 
- Stay Fit during the examination period 
- Watch my diet (less snacks, eat healthier) 
- Decorate the room by the end of the 3rd term
- Be organized

Well thats my resolution when i enter 16. It is kind of late but i guess better late than never. As my official end date for the examinations is 6 November, i am planning of a vacation with the family. So if any of you guys have suggestions of where i should go for the holidays PLEASE COMMENT OR EVEN JUST DROP ME A MESSAGE AT ANY SOCIAL MEDIA I HAVE!!!! XX 


i am obsess with reading online books and especially those on wattpad. Wattpad is an app that can access you to different genre of books and it is hand written by possible fan girls, a under-graduate or anybody. It is free and i have been obsessed with it since 2012. I don't really like reading physical books unless they are fashion books or anything to do with fashion. Wattpad allows me to have different types of books for free and you can read it offline. Its an amazing app and i would encourage you guys to get it! So next post is going to be about what i have on my wattpad account and just some suggestion of books from my library! 

So this is all i have to share with you guys today! It is a rather long entry but it has been a month so yea! All my social will be linked down below and i'll see you guys in my next post! Au Revior (bye in French) ! xx