Saturday, 21 February 2015

Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie

Love, Rosie (Movie)

Hello there my friends! Okay, so first i want to wish all those who celebrate Chinese New Year, Xi Nian Kuai Le, which means Happy New Year! I have a 5 days break and apart from studying and going out, i did, of course catch some of the "hottest" movies. I watched Love, Rosie. Frankly, i did not read the book though i should but, i am going to read it after this (it is stupid i know HAHAH) 
I could not stop watching it after i watched it once. I got so so attached to the movie but it was a great movie to watch. Typically for me, i cried. Literally for me, i would cry at every movie that's just how emotional i am. Not to give any spoilers to any one who have not seen that movie but Alex and Rosie are just so frustrating when they were growing up. They always miss that particular "timing" HAHAH yes i call it the timing. My favorite part of the movie was that particular scene when Alex came for Rosie's father funeral, and after the funeral, Alex wrote a letter to her. It was saying about how HE LOVE HER, but stupid Greg (Rosie's husband) kept the freaking card away from her :( She only managed to find that card only after she was divorce with Greg. This was the scene that was just overwhelming for me. So here's some pictures from the movie ;) i hope i did not spoil anything, okay maybe a few but YOU SHOULD WATCH THE MOVIE IF YOU LOVE ROMANCE.... 

Rosie's 18th Birthday, She got really drunk and something happened 

She got a letter of acceptance to Boston University near Alex 

Rosie sending Alex to Boston but she couldn't come due to restrictions (SPOILER ALERT) 

Rosie and Ruby seeing Katie learn to cycle

At the park in America when Rosie visted Alex. They spent the whole night together 

Gif, Alex at Rosie's dad funeral and saying "I always love you" awwww

Alex and Bethany (Alex's wife THEN) on their wedding day

So this is just a little update! Till next time guys! GOODBYEEEE!!!