Friday, 20 March 2015


Major Events

Namaste my friends! (Na-mas-tay : The light in you greets the light in me) 

It coming to the end of March and i'm here to update after a month! i'm sorry guys, it has been really hard to keep up with my own life for a few weeks because of stuff. BUT i'm okay now guys :) i'm going to talk about a concert, my February favourite and the last thing is.... check it out at the end of the post :) SO HERE IT IS MY FRIENDS!!! 


Yes, it was the On The Road Again (OTRA) tour and they came to Singapore! It was a great concert even though there was an hour delay. Honestly, it was my first concert and i loved it. It was amazing to see them live and it was breath taking. The opening act was a DJ in Singapore, LINCEY- he was amazing too! It was on 11.03.15 and it was held at the Sports Hub. There was loads of people, i mean DUH they are 1D after all. Here's some clips and photo's from the concert.. :)

Louis Tomlinson
Niall Horan 

The whole group- 1D with their guitarist 
Zayn Malik 
Better than words 
Concert peeps, jovina , Mabel , Ain , Eiffa , Sara
I just wish they had stayed longer but nevertheless, it was awesome. Hope for them to come again!


Here is the thing  that i have been using and listening for the whole month!

This is the Shampoo i have been using for the whole month of February and its the Sunsilk Refreshing Hydration Shampoo . As i wash my hair frequently because of trainings and school, this shampoo just fit my needs. Its lather is so smooth especially when i comb through my hair.


I have been using spotify frequently and this is my playlist for February favourites! 


If you have any questions or enquiry, you guys can send me an email, tweet, or a comment below! 
AND i need your help, help with what should my next post be about, what you guys want to know and i'll do it for you guys! So i'll leave every social media that i have below! :) SEE YA GUYS IN THE NEXT POST! HAVE A GREAT WEEK AHEAD! :)