Sunday, 17 May 2015

April-May Updates!

Literally i got lost HAHAHA!

What's up !!!!

Bonjour my friends!! Okay i am so sorry for not posting for a month, i apologize. I have been really busy with school because as some of you who know, i am taking my O'levels this year. It is a major examination taken nation wide and i am in the midst of preparation. I have my first paper in June and this last till November. Yes its long but its all scattered between the months. So i seek understanding if i can't post regularly but i will try my best :) The photo the top somehow explains also why i have been missing. 

Trying to figure out what is going on....

Between the month of April and May, a lot has happened and i was figuring out some things. Things like what are my plans for my future, have i hang out with the right friends or even am i doing what is best for me or what is the easiest for me. I feel that when you are planning on what you want for your future, you need to make wise decision and loads of sacrifices. 

So i have finally figure out what i want in the future with the help of some teachers in school and of course my friends. No doubt there would be changes in between the months but at least i have a plan. So advice for those of you who are facing similar problems as i am- plan. Planning helps you in different ways. Plans help you to see whats ahead clearer, and it shortens the time of chaos. It gives you a run down of what you want to achieve. Also seek help from teachers, friends or family. You would have so much ease after planning :) So here are some run downs of what happen between April and May! 

#squareturns16 celebration 

On April 4th, Team mates and a friend have planned a birthday celebration for Khalisah (a.k.a thescribblesofjoy). It was her 16th birthday and we are all happy that it was a success. We celebrated her birthday at a hotel  - Llyod's Inn along Oxley Road. It was a relaxing day and the hotel is really nice. So here are some pictures from the celebration 


Lunch with Mabel, Cheryl and Nadiah
With Claire
Relaxing by the pool
With Mabel
Cheryl's outfit
Llyod's Inn dipping pool 
Team mates in white shirt and red lips 
Khalisah and yes we do have a matching outfit! IT WAS NOT PLANNED! #squareturns16
The gifts 
The gifts with very bad lightning - we were waiting for khalisah HAHAHAHAH
OOTN : Top: H&M Loose Tank top
Bottom: Cotton On
Shoes: Rubi
Bag: Rubi 
Manishaa enjoying freedom HAHAH, i still love you babe x
Portrait view of the dipping pool  
Me and Nadiah in white shirt,denim jeans and heels 
 Those are pictures from the celebration. It was a great one and i hope Khalisah did enjoy the celebration. Thanks to Saifullah, Amirul, Khalisah's parents and of course the team mates this celebration was a success! :)

What  is  going  to  happen  next.....! ITS JUNEEEEEE !!!!


So june is coming and it is also my birthday! Yes i am a june baby :) ANYONE ELSE IS A JUNE BABY? So before i turn 16, there are some resolution i want to work on when i enter 16. You might be thinking why the hell am i doing a resolution on my birthday and not when entering to a new year. Well i actually did a few resolution on new years but i think it would be better to make one when its nearing my birthday.


- Plan specifically monthly 
- Post on this blog, once a week 
- Stay Fit during the examination period 
- Watch my diet (less snacks, eat healthier) 
- Decorate the room by the end of the 3rd term
- Be organized

Well thats my resolution when i enter 16. It is kind of late but i guess better late than never. As my official end date for the examinations is 6 November, i am planning of a vacation with the family. So if any of you guys have suggestions of where i should go for the holidays PLEASE COMMENT OR EVEN JUST DROP ME A MESSAGE AT ANY SOCIAL MEDIA I HAVE!!!! XX 


i am obsess with reading online books and especially those on wattpad. Wattpad is an app that can access you to different genre of books and it is hand written by possible fan girls, a under-graduate or anybody. It is free and i have been obsessed with it since 2012. I don't really like reading physical books unless they are fashion books or anything to do with fashion. Wattpad allows me to have different types of books for free and you can read it offline. Its an amazing app and i would encourage you guys to get it! So next post is going to be about what i have on my wattpad account and just some suggestion of books from my library! 

So this is all i have to share with you guys today! It is a rather long entry but it has been a month so yea! All my social will be linked down below and i'll see you guys in my next post! Au Revior (bye in French) ! xx