Sunday, 14 June 2015

How to Handle Stress Before Examination!!!


Well what is stress? Well according to google (which i trust hehe) , a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances. Everybody goes through stress, no matter the age, well maybe not when you're really young. I have gone through pretty much a handful stressful times and moment. I am still 16 so i don't know what could get worse than examination stress. YES STUDENTS YOU FEEL ME?! 

Well i have some tips that might work when you stressed out from studying before an examination or test! :) This may not work for everybody but you should give it a try! So here are some tips on how you can handle them! 

Tip  1 :  


The snacks that i always like to have while studying would be nuts. They are amazingly nice and they are somehow like my go to snack. You can have different type of nuts together or get our favorite ones! If you are getting the nuts at the nearest supermarket, i advise you to get the nuts that does not contain a lot of ingredient in it. Like have the nuts naturally. You might not want to be staining your notes or work because of the ingredients in the nuts. My favorite nuts are sunflower seeds, cashew nuts and also pistachios. 

Second Snack :  Gummies

 Gummies are my favorite type of candy and they have always help me cope with exam stress. Weird i know, but it helps me. So get your gummies and you can be stress-free! You can get any type of gummies my favourite is  :
THEY ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE THEM FOREVER! You can get them in your local supermarket :)

Tip 2 : 

Listen to songs

Listening to songs has helped me with exam stress. I do not listen to them while doing my work because i tend to drift away from work. So i listen to them before doing my work as they help me to relax and focus before doing my work. I advice to listen to chill songs rather than upbeat songs. Here are some songs i listen to ;) 

Tip 3: 


Organization is very important while revising for examinations. You will have many subjects in hand so plan on what subjects to do on that day, how long you want to spend on that subject, specifically on the subject - what topics you want to concentrate on. Trust me this will make your revising more productive. If you have a different way of studying and you are scoring pretty well by means go ahead. From past experiences, i scored better when i plan on what to do than not knowing what to study on that day. This is just for me and i'm sharing it for those who are in need or wants to change their way of studying! :) ALWAYS KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING RATHER THAN NOT KNOWING WHAT YOU ARE ACTUALLY STUDYING. 

Hope this actually could help some of you! I know i said my next post was going to be about the books i read on wattpad but before i could talk about the books, i wanted to ask the authors if its okay for me to talk about their books in my blog. That is a bit of extra work but i'll do anything for you guys so i apologise if it takes a bit longer than expected but not to worry IT WILL DEFINITELY BE UP ANYTIME SOON!!

If you have questions or anything i could help with feel free to drop me an email (  or my social media which is on the other post!Anyways i'll see you guys in the next post! ADIOS AMIGOS