Thursday, 18 June 2015


Movies from the 80s-2000s 

Bok (hi in croatian) my fellow best friends! It is the June holidays now in Singapore or you could call it summer break. Since my examinations is held on the last week of the holidays (heartbreaking right?!) i have spend my time going for classes and also studying at home. Of course some days when i am free i hit the gym with my peeps so that i don't get unfit. To get my mind off from exam stress, i like to watch movies. This mostly happen at night when i am actually done with the day. Btw, if you are going through with some exam stress, you could take a look at my last blog post about handling them. 

This was an idea that strike me while i was studying for math. Random, i know. I am going to do An Old Movie Series, where i will share with you movies from the 80s- early 2000s. It is going to be in parts, one movie is 1 part and it may go up to 4-5 parts depending on how many movies i can actually watch during the holidays. So this is Part 1 - Clueless ... 


First movie I watched was Clueless. This was a 1995 movie and i have to say, it is a really good film to watch. Not only was the cast beautiful and amazingly handsome, the fashion in the 90s was something i liked in this film. Checkered jacket, high socks, stockings, satin mini dresses and plaid skirts, its just amazing. It was so vibrant and you could literally see a mixed style in this film. 
Plaid Jacket and Skirts 

Knee high Socks and Boots. Peterpan Collared Shirts 
The story was also really good. I have learnt some things from this movie. It thought me to help anybody no matter who you are. If they are in need, help them because you never know when you need their help. It also thought me about, you don't always have to put other before yourself. Sometimes in situations you have to put yourself first then others. What teenagers have in the 90s was courage. Compared to us now, they have a whole lot of courage. Openly flirting with anybody and just showing affection with anybody was easy in the past. Even i myself have a hard time having to express my feelings to the opposite sex. How we could just relive those moments again :) 

I just love the outfit here 
This is a must watch film! IT IS A "MUST WATCH" FILM. Godbless everybody that was involved in the film. So this Part 1 of old movie series that i am sharing with you! Watch out for Part 2 which is a 2005 movie! Any guesses? Comment on this post and we'll see what Part 2 is! If you have any suggestions about what movie from this era I should definitely watch, don't be a stranger and just comment on this post or even mention me in my social media!  Zbogum (goodbye in Croatian) best friends! ;)