Saturday, 3 October 2015



Hello there my friends! I know i have not been posting for months and i truly apologize for that. As some of you may know i am really busy with national exams and if you guys that are reading my post for the first time, i am taking my O'levels this year! I have been busy with revision, classes and just concentrating so much on school that i did not have the time to post anything. With all the studying and school, I HAVE FINALLY GRADUATED FROM SECONDARY SCHOOL!!!! For those reading for the first time, i go to boarding school in Singapore. It has been 4 years since i was enrolled into that school. 4 years has finally passed by and i have graduated. 

Class of 2015 
It was a night to remember. Everybody looked really good with the school blazer and white outfits. Guys lookin' so sleek and girls lookin' neat & pretty. To me, it was a great start for new friendships and new adventures. The valedictorian speech was great because it brought back all the memories ever since i was in the school. I am almost done with my 2nd phase of education and can't wait for the next phase. All the friendship that i have made will always be remembered and it will last because they were the best friendship i had. 

I have 3 pillars of strength throughout these 4 years - My parents, my friends (especially my team mates), and my juniors. I am happy to be able to graduate but i will be graduating with a heavy heart because there are some things i cannot let go easily. Firstly is, the boarding school. Boarding has been so much fun for the past 4 years with countless sleepovers, staying up till the early morning, pranking, the games we have among each other and just the times when we chill and just talk. I'll definitely miss that. Secondly is the teachers, the teachers in my school are by most the most caring and thoughtful teachers i have ever gotten in my entire life. They are always there for me (ESPECIALLY MY MENTOR) when i needed them, they always give their best to make sure we do well in examinations although we disappoint them countless times. They were like our gas, you know you'll always need the gas before the lighter can even light up, then using the lighter to light up the candle?.. (my metaphor skills sucks) but you kinda of get the idea, i hope hahah.  

Lastly is, my friends. I could say i have made a few great friends along the years. I think my social skill of making friends is so bad because of the environment i have been for the past 4 years but i guess thats the point of graduating right? Making new friends but the friends i have in my secondary school are the ones that i will treasure forever. My team mates are like my sister to me. I practically live with them and do everything with them. They know me inside and out so i can't let them go easily... MUAHAHAHAH. But if i had the choice of letting them go, i would not. Most of my memories are with them and i will continue making more memories with them (*grins evilly*) I love them endlessly. To my other friends, we have made it and i will treasure every moment with you guys. 
So here are some photos from the night itself - p.s thanks to the school for everything, like legitimately everything. Goodbye to my second home xx 

Shane Tan @shanethepow_

Excuse my face.....

Nazhiim @naajeemm

His jokes can make you laugh till you ache

This is a selfie with my one and only Tiger Teo, he is my mathematics teacher. 

The fantastic five (finally graduating) 

@airontank @dianruzanah @Marblemabelho @kunashraf


Danish Irfan, his tenacity is on point 

Joel Ho @airJOEL

Lovely junior, Nafisa- goodluck with another year in school

The one and only, Model Chin
My chemistry partner @natcharliechin

Haqim, classmate till Secondary 3, where at Sec 4 he decided to ditch us
Lovely, C a.k.a my partner in crime
Love you Cheryl xx


A decent picture of me with the empty scroll. Mine went missing after throwing it up in the air
Badluck Shaf 
After Grad Badass Shaf

The ladies from my mother tongue class 

My beloved feotus

Le Ladies a.k.a My Sisters for life 

So where am i heading after graduation? Well my examinations officially starts only on the 6 October and i have it for a month, FULL SWING!!! Definitely i won't be able to post during that period of time but i promise you guys after that, i'll have the whole time in the entire world to post anything you guys request or what i have in mind. I just wanted to post this because i felt i want to share this moment with you guys because you mean so much to me!

With that, if you guys have any question or request don't be shy and ask at any of my social media down below at the links and i'll be more than happy to reply you guys! Wish me luck for the exams, Love you guys! Goodbye!

With love,